About Parto

Parto Naderi- Beauty Industry Expert and Visionary

Parto’s education in the beauty industry began in France where he attended one of their most renowned schools, graduating at the top of his class in 1987. “Attending beauty school in France is serious business”, claims Parto. “In France, beauty professionals study hair and color techniques just like here in the U.S.  However, they must also complete classes in human biology and chemistry so that there is a basic understanding of the physical make-up of each client.  This is an important aspect of our training as it allows us to understand the how and why the processes we are applying may or may not work for a particular client.  We learn that, just as each client’s lifestyle and preferences makes them unique....so does their biology and chemistry.  Already, there is a very important difference in training and vision that begins here.  I look at my clients as individuals, through their lifestyle, preferences and physical make-up….each possessing their own unique beauty potential.  My job as an artist, is to unlock it and  enhance it.” Parto’s impressive professional journey into the beauty industry began in France in one of the world’s most recognized and respected fashion-forward salons, Jean-Louis David, where he continued to cultivate his craft at the highest level of technical expertise.

  “I actually began working for Jean-Louis David as a hair model”, Parto laughs.   “However, you know how they say that opportunity can be found in the strangest of places?  This opportunity is truly the foundation of what sparked an entire career….and I am grateful for having seized it.  From there, I assisted at Jean-Louis David, until graduating from beauty school and landing two more excellent jobs… again, in truly stellar salons...some of the best salons in France.”

  In 1991, Parto left France to pursue a career in the United States and quickly became one of the busiest beauty professionals in Chicago. In 2001, Parto opened his first salon and spa in Chicago, IL; the very salon that exists today at 507 N. Wells Street.

According to Parto, owning a salon brought new possibilities for professional growth.  “It was no longer about MY skills and accomplishments alone.  I now had the opportunity to train, coach and nurture the type of beauty professionals that I had the privilege of working with and being trained by throughout my education and career.   After all, it’s about the client’s experience.  Therefore, I want every professional in my salon to deliver the excellence and personal service that each client deserves. ”  

 “Bringing the personal guest experience into today’s world of service” is the vision and motto that Parto Naderi lives and believes.

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