Polish Change (file, put the polish on)   $20
Basic Manicure (cut, file, cuticles, polish)   $23
Full Manicure (cut, file, deep cuticle cleaning, includes moisturizing college glove, massage, polish)   $28
Spa Manicure (service with exclusive spa products, including paraffin wax)   $40
No Chip Manicure (soak off is included)   $50
No Chip Manicure w/ UV Protective Collagen Glove   $53


Polish Change (file, put the polish on)   $20
Basic Pedicure (cut, file, cuticles, polish)   $40
Full Pedicure (cut, file, deep cuticle cleaning, scrub, massage, polish)   $50
Spa Pedicure (service with exclusive spa products, paraffin wax, warm neck wrap)   $65
No Chip Pedicure (soak off is included)   $70


Hot Stones for Hands   $7+
Hot Stones for Feet   $10+
French   $10+
Design Elements   $10+
Paraffin   $10+
Extended Wear   $7+
Chrome Finish   $5+
Soak Off   $10+



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